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Monday, July 2, 2018

Many are familiar with the concept of a content inventory . Content audits are usually performed in the early stages of a website redesign process to take stock of all a site’s content. It’s a tedious process involving spreadsheets and caffeine, but the hard work pays off . You end up all your content laid out on the table, which gives you a new perspective on what your content is and how to tackle it.

Enter the interface inventory.

An interface inventory is similar to a content inventory, only instead of sifting through and categorizing content, you’re taking stock and categorizing the components making up your website, app, intranet, hoobadyboop, or whatever (it doesn’t matter) . An interface inventory is a comprehensive collection of the bits and pieces that make up your interface.

Conducting an Interface Audit

Here are the steps to creating an interface inventory:

Benefits of an Interface Inventory

Why go through all the trouble of deconstructing and cataloging an interface? It’s certainly a tedious process, but the results are extremely beneficial. Here are just some of the benefits of an interface inventory:

Interface Inventories In Action

I went through just a few pages of my bank’s website and screen grabbed all the various button variations I could find. Here’s the result:

As you can see, their button styles are all over the place and are about the furthest thing from consistent and cohesive. Looking closer at the buttons reveal incredible inconsistency in gradient, arrow, border and more:

Now contrast these styles with a button interface inventory for Etsy, a company who maintains a robust styleguide and pattern library:

As you can see, there are far fewer button styles. This is a good thing as it means that there are only a few button styles that get reused throughout the interface.

It’s not to say that deviating from established patterns is always a bad idea, but it’s important to recognize the difference between intentional and unintentional deviation. An interface inventory helps expose unintentional inconsistencies and encourages consistent, deliberate design decisions.

The Road Ahead

More organizations are beginning to understand the need to create robust design systems, and interface inventories can be a great way to display an interface as a system of components rather than a series of discrete pages. An interface inventory can be a great way to convince your client/boss/organization to undertake a thoughtful, systematic redesign.

Download the interface inventory Keynote boilerplate and get screenshotting!

Crack open your project. Set up a blank template

Static storage duration variables with constant initializers avoid hard-to-find bugs caused by the indeterminate order of dynamic initialization. They can also be safely used during dynamic initialization across translation units.

This attribute acts as a compile time assertion that the requirements for constant initialization have been met. Since these requirements change between dialects and have subtle pitfalls it’s important to fail fast instead of silently falling back on dynamic initialization.

section (gnu::section, __declspec(allocate))

The attribute allows you to specify a specific section a global variable or function should be in after translation.

swift_context (clang::swift_context, clang::swift_context)

The attribute marks a parameter of a function as having the special context-parameter ABI treatment.

This treatment generally passes the context value in a special register which is normally callee-preserved.

A parameter must either be the last parameter or must be followed by a parameter (which itself must always be the last parameter).

A context parameter must have pointer or reference type.

swift_error_result (clang::swift_error_result, clang::swift_error_result)

The attribute marks a parameter of a function as having the special error-result ABI treatment.

This treatment generally passes the underlying error value in and out of the function through a special register which is normally callee-preserved. This is modeled in C by pretending that the register is addressable memory:

A parameter must be the last parameter, and it must be preceded by a parameter.

A parameter must have type or for some type T. Note that no qualifiers are permitted on the intermediate level.

It is undefined behavior if the caller does not pass a pointer or reference to a valid object.

The standard convention is that the error value itself (that is, the value stored in the apparent argument) will be null upon function entry, but this is not enforced by the ABI.

swift_indirect_result (clang::swift_indirect_result, clang::swift_indirect_result)

The attribute marks a parameter of a function as having the special indirect-result ABI treatment.

This treatment gives the parameter the target’s normal indirect-result ABI treatment, which may involve passing it differently from an ordinary parameter. However, only the first indirect result will receive this treatment. Furthermore, low-level lowering may decide that a direct result must be returned indirectly; if so, this will take priority over the parameters.

A parameter must either be the first parameter or follow another parameter.

A parameter must have type or for some object type . If is a complete type at the point of definition of a function, it is undefined behavior if the argument value does not point to storage of adequate size and alignment for a value of type .

Making indirect results explicit in the signature allows C functions to directly construct objects into them without relying on language optimizations like C++’s named return value optimization (NRVO).

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The attribute indicates that a function should be called using the Swift calling convention for a function or function pointer.

The lowering for the Swift calling convention, as described by the Swift ABI documentation, occurs in multiple phases. The first, “high-level” phase breaks down the formal parameters and results into innately direct and indirect components, adds implicit paraameters for the generic signature, and assigns the context and error ABI treatments to parameters where applicable. The second phase breaks down the direct parameters and results from the first phase and assigns them to registers or the stack. The convention only handles this second phase of lowering; the C function type must accurately reflect the results of the first phase, as follows:

does not support variadic arguments or unprototyped functions.

The parameter ABI treatment attributes are aspects of the function type. A function type which which applies an ABI treatment attribute to a parameter is a different type from an otherwise-identical function type that does not. A single parameter may not have multiple ABI treatment attributes.

Support for this feature is target-dependent, although it should be supported on every target that Swift supports. Query for this support with . This implies support for the , , and attributes.


The attribute declares a variable with thread local storage. It is available under the flag for MSVC compatibility. See the documentation for Buy Cheap Recommend Haute Hippie Woman Embroidered Georgette Top Sand Size S Haute Hippie Low Price Cheap Price Sale Hot Sale FluwqoJl
on MSDN.

In Clang, is generally equivalent in functionality to the GNU keyword. The variable must not have a destructor and must have a constant initializer, if any. The attribute only applies to variables declared with static storage duration, such as globals, class static data members, and static locals.

tls_model (gnu::tls_model)

The attribute allows you to specify which thread-local storage model to use. It accepts the following strings:

TLS models are mutually exclusive.

The trivial_abi attribute can be applied to a C++ class, struct, or union. It instructs the compiler to pass and return the type using the C ABI for the underlying type when the type would otherwise be considered non-trivial for the purpose of calls. A class annotated with trivial_abi can have non-trivial destructors or copy/move constructors without automatically becoming non-trivial for the purposes of calls. For example:

Figure 4.

Analysis work flow for isotope dilution MRM-MS data with and without the use of AuDIT.

After LC-MRM-MS analysis of samples, transition peaks are identified and integrated with software from either the mass spectrometer vendor or another supplier. (A), Flow of data with use of the automated algorithm. The statistical test identifies problem transitions from the variation in the relative ratios for the analyte and the SIS. The CV of the PARs is used as a filter to flag transitions with unacceptably large variation. (B), The current standard practice of careful manual inspection of all transitions by an expert.

Relative ratios of observed transition intensities are calculated by 1 of 2 methods at the opposite ends of the complexity spectrum. The minimal-pairs method calculates the relative ratio of a given transition by dividing its intensity by the intensity of one other transition from the same precursor. In the case of 3 monitored transitions, 3 relative ratios are calculated from the 3 pairs of transitions. A natural way to implement this method is to impose an arbitrary order on the transitions and to use adjacent transitions to calculate relative ratios, with the last transition wrapping around to the first transition in the list. The minimal-pairs method calculates as many relative ratios as there are transitions and can identify individual errant transitions, as long as they are fewer than half the total number of recorded transitions.

The alternative method, which is at the other extreme in terms of the number of ratios calculated, is the all-pairs method. In this scheme, all possible pairs of transitions from a single precursor are chosen, and their observed intensities (peak areas from the XIC) are used to calculate as many relative ratios. In this method, each transition participates in 1 less ratio than the total number of monitored transitions. Thus, any number of problematic transitions can be identified.

The relative ratios are calculated separately for the analyte and the corresponding SIS peptide. AuDIT compares the relative ratios from the analyte peptide transitions with those of the SIS peptide to determine if they are similar. It then checks for aberrant transitions by applying a statistical test to these ratios. Replicates of a given ratio (derived from the respective sample replicates) are used in a t -test to check if the relative ratio for the analyte deviates from the corresponding ratio for the SIS. For an experiment that monitors several peptides with multiple transitions per peptide, a correction for multiple hypothesis testing is applied ( 2017 New Baby Girls Boy Led Light Shoes Toddler AntiSlip Sports Luminous Flasher Shoes Discount Wholesale Price 100% Original Sale Online Outlet Browse Ebay Online Discount Lowest Price n9RkTLIn
). Because a given transition is used in the calculation of multiple ratios, the corrected P values for these corresponding ratios are combined to estimate the P value for deciding whether a given transition is problematic. P values are combined by means of a method meant for multiple dependent P values (because the same intensities are used in multiple ratios, from which the P values to be combined are calculated) ( 37 )( Low Price Fee Shipping For Sale Discount Codes Shopping Online Pink Hotel Satin Slides Balenciaga Quality From China Wholesale Free Shipping Get To Buy 8fjMe
). Transitions with corrected and combined P values less than a specified threshold (e.g., 10 −5 ) are marked as “bad.”

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